About Kirk Mason

Whether it’s surrounded by apis mellifera scutellata (africanized honeybee), Maasai herders, agronomists, or wild chimpanzees, you’ll find Kirk Mason and his cameras. His interests lay in harnessing visual media as an extraordinary tool for activism and awareness about social justice and environmental change. The main goal: creating documentaries and visual media about niche scientific and humanitarian topics married to compelling visual narratives that affect great change.

Kirk graduated from Michigan State University in 2014 after studying Humanities and Media with a specialization in Documentary Studies. While studying, he cultivated a clientele of scientific and agricultural-based organizations that relied on him to capture their research with complete creative freedom while abroad. His work has taken him to nine countries on four continents, creating documentaries with a wide range of formats and narratives. Since graduation, he has spent his time producing documentaries for clients such as the Center for Regional Food Systems at MSU, researchers in Kibale National Park in western Uganda, the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation, and the United States Geological Survey.